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Chinese Acrobatics Private Tour

Chinese Acrobatics Private Tour

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Our evening tour begins by attending an astounding performance by the Shanghai Acrobatics School & Troupe. You will enjoy the incredible feats of skill and grace of those actors and actresses, who have also won hundreds of gold medals from the different international acrobatics competitions. After the show, you will travel by luxury coach to catch a view of Shanghai at night. Our evening sightseeing program tour includes People’s Square, city lights along the Bund, and the former French Concession District. The final stop is Xin Tian Di, a chic restaurant, pub and boutique area. Here you can spend time on your own or continue back to your hotel with the group.


18:00-19:00 Hotel pick ups and transfer to Shanghai Center Theater
19:15-21:00 Watch the Chinese Acrobatic Show
21:00-21:20 Evening tour on coach for People’s Square
21:20-21:45 Walk along the Bund
21:45-22:05 Evening tour on coach for Former French Concession
22:05-22:30 Free time on Xin Tian Di and be transferred back to hotel

Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, Evening city tour,
including People’s Square, Former French
Concession District, Xin Tian Di and the Bund